COVERSLUT© is a PAY WHAT YOU CAN fashion and economic research project from Grace Ndiritu. The brand is available at De Appel, Amsterdam. The 1st edition of the collection was supported by Manoeuvre.


The People's Republic of Fashion

It’s all about parties - fun, rave ones, not boring, political ones!

COVERSLUT© is a fashion and economic research project from Grace Ndiritu.

It is  a Post-hippie, Skate, Surf, Street -, Neo-Tribal brand that focuses on dealing with issues of race, gender and class politics, while working with refugees, migrants and young artists.

It incorporates Capitalist, Pay What You Can and Ethical/Ecological strategies into its economic framework.

The concept for COVERSLUT© is inspired by Ndiritu's book on youth culture Dissent Without Modification.

COVERSLUT© is also a textile apron (cover) used to hide a dirty clothes worn by kitchen maids (sluts i.e. dirty women) in 17th century English society.

But with its double entendre (meaning), artist Grace Ndiritu couldn’t resist making a tongue-in-cheek statement, about how big brands and advertising are the corporate sluts of our time.

Big brands co-opt youth culture and sell it back to the young en masse, stamped with their branding and logo signs.

COVERSLUT© is about reclaiming youth culture for the young!

The 1st edition of COVERSLUT© was supported by artists run space Manoeuvre.

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