COVERSLUT© is a PAY WHAT YOU CAN fashion and economic research project from Grace Ndiritu. Supported by Manoeuvre artists residency program 2018/2019 in Belgium. The collection is also available at art bookshops, including Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver & Wiels Art Centre, Brussels.



The People's Republic of Fashion

It’s all about parties - fun, rave ones, not boring, political ones!

COVERSLUT© is a fashion and economic research project from Grace Ndiritu.

It focuses on dealing with issues of race, gender and class politics.

It incorporates Capitalist, Pay What You Can and Ethical/Environmental strategies into its economic framework.

The concept for COVERSLUT© is inspired by Ndiritu's book on youth culture Dissent Without Modification.

COVERSLUT© is also a textile apron (cover) used to hide a dirty clothes worn by kitchen maids (sluts i.e. dirty women) in 17th century English society.

But with its double entendre (meaning), artist Grace Ndiritu couldn’t resist making a tongue-in-cheek statement, about how big brands and advertising are the corporate sluts of our time.

Big brands co-opt youth culture and sell it back to the young en masse, stamped with their branding and logo signs.

COVERSLUT© is about reclaiming youth culture for the young!

COVERSLUT© is supported by artists run space #Manoeuvre, located in Gent, working with refugees, migrants and young artists in co-creation with the artist, where she is now in residency 2018/2019.

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