COVERSLUT© is a fashion and economic research project from Grace Ndiritu. Supported by Manoeuvre artists residency program 2018/2019 in Belgium. The collection is also available at art bookshops, including Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver & Wiels Art Centre, Brussels.



Founded By Grace Ndiritu

Produced By Manoeuvre

Worn By You

Partners in Grime:
De Koer



Eastside Projects Gallery

and more troublemakers....

Friends o Friends
(FOF) lecteur club: Guillaume Ettlinger & Jérôme Valton
The Bells Angels
: Simon Bernheim & Julien Sirjacq
DJ: Jess & Crabbe label : Bazzerk
Dancers: Robert Hemming & Fleur Bea
DJ: Chooc Ly
Spiritual Dance Teacher: Pantha Bhakti
Soap maker: Clara Vankerschaver
DJ: Jeroen Goddemaer
Music: 10LEC6 label: Ed Banger Records
Contemporary dance: Macha Collective
Music: Jo Zanders & Drom

Models: Ezra Fieremans, Rosie Sommers, Hannah Bailliu, Andie Dushime, Mustafah Meti, Nathan Ooms, Lore, Ali G

The Manoeuvre Family: Chris, Ianka, Nathalie, Laura, Ariane, Febe, Lenny, Ilknur, Gülseren, Lore, Ali G, Irmak, Eman, Awos, Sifatullah, Latifa, Enzo, Anna....

Address: Manoeuvre
Kunstenplek : Wondelgemstraat 71/ 9000 Gent

Other stockists: CAG Vancouver

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