COVERSLUT© is a PAY WHAT YOU CAN fashion and economic research project from Grace Ndiritu. The brand is available at De Appel, Amsterdam. The 1st edition of the collection was supported by Manoeuvre.

COVERSLUT© is a fashion label founded by Grace Ndiritu. The first edition of the project was supported by Manoeuvre which is a multidisciplinary art studio and co-creative platform, passionate about activating the immersive qualities of co-creative art and grass rooted craft making related to textiles. Located in the heart of Ghent's Rabot neighbourhood, we choose to co-create with locals, migrants, young artists, diverse participants (class, race, gender, age) artists in residence, creators, thinkers. Manoeuvre considers handicraft as a universal language. During the co-creation participants are being involved in the design and execution along with the artist. Taking the path of antagonism and adhoc-ism, in an experimental way, latent conflicts give impulses to the art practices and ensure continuous renewal. Below are some fun interviews with the participants conducted by Grace Ndiritu.

Translation: Turkish, Dutch, English by Anyuta, Chris, Iknur Sudenaz.

The Women of Manoeuvre

  1. Where were you born?
  2. When did you come to Belgium?
  3. What advice did your mother give you about marriage?
  4. What do you like about working with your hands ie. sewing, embroidery
  5. What advice would you give to young women today about marriage or being
  6. Would you call yourself a feminist?

Fadime, age 67:
  1. Emirag, Turkey.
  2. Twenty years ago.
  3. In Turkey it is an arranged marriage. Someone from the family like the
    mother of my future husband comes to talk to the parents of the
    young women. I was married at age sixteen. My mother was sick so she
    didn't give me any advice but I was married for thirty years and
    then he died.
  4. I like knitting and making tapestry because I learnt it in Turkey. My
    mother taught me that's why I like to work with my hands
  5. The best advice I can give, is that the man and woman take good
    decisions together.
  6. It is too difficult to reply. I do not understand the last question at

Anyuta:age 28
  1. Moscow, Russia.
  2. 9 November 2013.
  3. She did not give me any advice about marriage. And now I am going to
    marry a woman and she is not so happy about it.
  4. I like working with clay. I can make something and then I can see the
    result. It is direct. It's instant. It was a great impact when I
    discovered this. It gave me a feeling of completeness.
  5. There are different motivations for marriage i.e. convenience, love,
    companionship, legal etc. Any of these reasons are equally valid.
  6. I wouldn't call myself a feminist. But marriage is the topic of my
    Masters in Sociology.

Laila:age 58
  1. Kabul, Afghanistan.
  2. Eight years ago in 2010.
  3. I am not married by force. My mother said, “The man must be happy.
    Both the man and woman must be happy.” My mother searched a lot to
    find a good man.
  4. I like embroidery because in the past at school I did embroidery. For
    me it is easy.
  5. You must have a good relationship with his family. It is important.
  6. All women has to be free. Yes I would call myself a feminist.

Elien: age 30

  1. Ieper, Belgium.
  2. I have the feeling I have never been here.
  3. My mother is telling me I need a man that is calm, stable , funny and
    reliable, but she really just leaves me alone to decide.
  4. When I am making something with my hands, my mind stops for a while or
    goes on its own flow. And suddenly you are surprised.
  5. I would suggest staying single. Do whatever you want. Don't connect to
    just one person. Connect with thousands of persons.
  6. Yes I would call myself a feminist but I have used the word only in the
  7. last few months.

Iknur: age 45

  1. Emirag, Turkey.
  2. Fifteen years ago in 2003.
  3. My mother said “When you will get married and come to a new house,
    the people will be different.”
  4. I find crochet nice. It helps me to calm down and let go of stress.
    Four years I divorced so I have no stress now.
  5. I will tell my daughter the same things that my mother told me, “that
    in a new house, the people will be different.” For example, my
    mother in law had water glasses in a draw, in my home the glasses
    are on a shelf.
  6. I am a feminist because I can decide for myself. When my ex-husband
    used to say I make the tea in the wrong way, I can rationalize,
    “what is right or wrong?” I know how to make the tea in the
    right way.

Sudenaz: age 12 – Iknur's daughter
  1. Gent, Belgium but my family is Turkish.
  2. When I was delivered.
  3. When my mother is cooking, she tells me when I am older I will be doing
    this for my man.
  4. It helps me to concentrate and feel calm. I like to draw and make
  5. We can decide together. If he tells me what to do, it's a kind of work
    and I don't like that.
  6. I don't know how to answer that question.

Chris: age 53

  1. Knokke, Belgium.
  2. Day 1.
  3. My mother didn't give me any advice because she didn't have a chance
    because I became a couple before she knew I decided. But she did
    say, “Be careful with men and alcohol. You have to be aware.”
  4. It makes me think of nothing and when I work with my hands with many
    people, then I feel related.
  5. Don't think about money never. Follow your heart.
  6. I think feminism should be obvious in this time.

Rahime: age 45
  1. Eskisehir, Turkey.
  2. Eighteen years ago.
  3. My mother said about my future husband, “This is a good man.” But I
    didn't like the man I married so I divorced
  4. I like to knit babies clothes, like sweaters and socks but just for sale.
  5. The most important thing is not to have fights.
  6. I am the boss in my house. I have a son of 20 years but I cook and
    clean in the house.

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